"I hate shopping, but desperately needed some new clothes.  Phyllis promised to make the experience as painless as possible - and she did!  She came to my home to review my closet and get a feel for my style (simple and classic).  Together we made a list of the types of items I wanted to buy. Then she pre-shopped the store for me - all I needed to do was show up, and the styles and colors we discussed were waiting for me in a fitting room with lots of different options.  All I needed to do was show up and try the items on.  Phyllis is a gem and I plan to have a refresh session with her in 6 months."
 - Michele Faro, set designer
"After spending most of my career in the music business, I went to work in the world of corporate advertising.  I needed a new wardrobe of suits for client meetings.  Phyllis understood that I didn't want to look "corporate", that I needed suits that would be true to my personal style.  She stressed the idea of investing in classic suits that would last for years, but with a modern fit. And she helped me find shirts, ties and shoes that maintained my creative edge.  Working with Phyllis was a fantastic experience!"
 - Frank Gargiulo, creative director
"As an art dealer and curator in NYC, I do business with high powered wealthy clients who spend a lot of money to purchase art.  I need a professional wardrobe of power suiting, while still maintaining a creative edge.  Phyllis understood this perfectly.  Will definitely be working with her again!"
 - Ivy Brown, owner Ivy Brown Gallery