"I hate shopping, but desperately needed some new clothes. Phyllis promised to make the experience as painless as possible - and she did! She came to my home to review my closet and get a feel for my style (simple and classic). Together we made a list of the types of items I wanted to buy. Then she pre-shopped the store for me - all I needed to do was show up, and the styles and colors we discussed were waiting for me in a fitting room with lots of different options. All I needed to do was show up and try the items on. Phyllis is a gem and I plan to have a refresh session with her in 6 months."
- Michele Faro, set designer

"After spending most of my career in the music business, I went to work in the world of corporate advertising. I needed a new wardrobe of suits for client meetings. Phyllis understood that I didn't want to look "corporate", that I needed suits that would be true to my personal style. She stressed the idea of investing in classic suits that would last for years, but with a modern fit. And she helped me find shirts, ties and shoes that maintained my creative edge. Working with Phyllis was a fantastic experience!"
- Frank Gargiulo, creative director

"As an art dealer and curator in NYC, I do business with high powered wealthy clients who spend a lot of money to purchase art. I need a professional wardrobe of power suiting, while still maintaining a creative edge. Phyllis understood this perfectly. Will definitely be working with her again!"
- Ivy Brown, art dealer

"Phyllis is a longterm colleague - she helped put me in touch with the best indie showrooms in order to find my wedding dress! When I was ready to relocate from New York to Dallas I had a giant closet full of black, blacker and blackest clothing. After a phone conversation, we hit the shops to develop a more Southern-ready wardrobe that still reflected my edgy style. If you need to find anything unusual, rare or cool, she knows exactly where to dig it up!"
- Kendall Morgan, editorial writer

"I've never been a traditional 'suit' guy. But my wife wanted a traditional wedding, so I needed to dress the part. Phyllis suggested instead of buying a tuxedo, I should invest in a high quality classic black suit that I could wear again and again. She explained her theory on investment dressing - buy the best quality possible, in a classic silhouette that doesn't go out of style - and you will look great and save money in the long run. We had 2 fittings with a tailor, he was so good that the suit looked like it was custom made for me. She helped me choose black tie accessories so I looked exactly right for the big day. I felt so great on my wedding day, and am so grateful to Phyllis for making it happen!"
- Stephen Wallis, CEO

" I'm in the entertainment business and need a variety of clothing options from black tie galas to dive bar music nights. My closet was overflowing with clothes I never wear, but I didn't know where to start! Phyllis came to my apartment and made it easy. First we separated all the clothes I love and wear that I would definitely keep. Then we went through all the clothes I haven't worn in years and she helped me understand why I don't wear them - either they were out of style, no longer fit properly, or looked worn out. She identified my bad shopping habits - LOL - and how I tend to buy the same things over and over again, and we made a wish list of items I need to round out my wardrobe. We also did fittings with items I love but needed to be tailored, for instance I had an ankle length coat I haven't worn in years, and she explained it was because the length wasn't practical for my lifestyle - so she took me to a tailor and had it shortened - now I wear it all the time! Phyllis also helped me choose where to donate my discarded items, and showed me which designer items have resale value, and provided me with names of consignment stores. I can't wait for my next closet edit with Phyllis in the spring! Book a session with Phyllis and discover clothing options in your very own closet you didn't know you had!"
- Norena Barbella, entertainment producer